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Towerdraw 9906-TD

TOWERDRAW 9906 is a product designed for use as a lubricant for the most difficult metal forming operations. It is an extremely heavy duty compounded oil containing Sulfur/Chlorinated extreme pressure additives with synthetic friction reducing technology.


TOWERDRAW 9906 is designed to be used as received. It can also be diluted with a light petroleum oil or solvent if a less viscous product is required. TOWERDRAW 9906 is recommended for use on ferrous metals, stainless steel, titanium, and inconel. It may stain yellow metals. TOWERDRAW 9906 can be removed in an alkaline wash with a high quality cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 42-A. The cleaner should be diluted to 5% - 15% and run at 175ºF to 195ºF. It can also be solvent degreased. Shelf life is three years when stored indoors under good conditions (40° to 95° F.)