Approaching a Century of Success

Tower Metalworking Fluids didn’t enter the business yesterday. For nearly 90 years we’ve been helping customers achieve excellence in all they do.

In 1933, Al Simon Sr. founded the company selling motor and industrial lubricating oils.

Throughout the 1940s and 50s, the company expanded into the industrial manufacturing of machine lubricants, cutting oils, and hydraulic fluids.

By the 1960s, the company had entered into the metal stamping industry by formulating premium metal stamping lubricants.

In the 1970s, the company introduced extendable forming lubricants in the form of the Towersol and Towerkem product lines.

During the 1980s, the high-performance Klenedraw, TowerPro, and TowerDraw synthetic stamping fluids were brought to market

In the 1990s, Tower Oil & Technology Co. entered the metal removal industry with Towercool, a high-performance machining coolant.

1994 marked a milestone for Tower when it became an employee-owned company (ESOP).


2008 saw the launch of Safety-T-Varnish, an innovative zero-VOC vanishing compound technology created for employee safety and providing an environmentally-responsible product.

2013 featured the launch of Saf-T-Cool, a premium coolant line with "Clean Fluid" and "Green Fluid" technology.

In 2016, the company formulated Towerkem product lines specifically for machining processes in the aerospace industry.

By 2017 the company was doing business as Tower Metalworking Fluids, emphasizing its range as a full-service solutions provider of premium metalworking fluids to a variety of industries.

Tower launched the Towers MG series for magnesium machining in 2018, eliminating the need for volatile straight oils in the marketplace.

2020 marked the development of a complete value line of Saf-T-Cool products to compliment the premium semi-synthetic product lines.

In 2022, Tower announces its commitment to its renewable resource green products, "Green Fluid" and "Clean Fluid," a line of safer and environmentally responsible manufacturing solutions.