In 1933, Tower Oil was incorporated in Chicago, IL. by Albert Simon, Sr.   At that time, Tower’s primary product focus was selling motor (engine) oils to local delivery firms, trucking companies and automobile dealerships. 

In 1934, Mr. Simon’s oldest son, Albert Jr. joined the company and within the first few years expanded Towers product focus to include lubricating oils for industrial machinery, hydraulics equipment and air compressors. Having exposure to many industrial environments, customer requests began to surface for other process lubrication, like “neat’s foot oils” by Wilson Sporting Goods for the treatment of leather gloves, “White Oils” for sewing machines at Florsheim Shoe factories and for the manufacturing of the Westinghouse “Precipitron” air cleaner unit.  

By 1940, Al Simon Jr. became President of Tower Oil and the company began servicing customers and providing lubricants to support metalworking processes for World War II; screw machines, drilling & tapping equipment, metal stamping and drawing processes to name a few.


In the 1950’s Al Simon Jr. continued his innovative thinking by developing and manufacturing metalworking oils for metal forming and metal removal applications to diversify Towers product line and to enter new market applications and processes.  To align the company name with its new innovative chemistries, Tower Oil changed its name to Tower Oil & Technology Co. and for the next 30 years, continued a steady growth through the research & development of new technologies for metalworking fluids advancements.

In 1994, Al Simon Jr. wanted to reward his employees for their dedication to Tower and motivated them to continue growing the company; he gave all employees the opportunity of ownership in the company by creating an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) for Tower Oil.

In 2014, to complete he final wishes, the Simon family sold the last remaining company shares to the ESOP and Tower Oil now became 100% Employee owned.

By 2017, over 87% of Tower’s core products were used in metalworking operations. To highlight that business and product focus of advanced water-based chemical technologies over the straight base oil products, Tower Oil & Technology Co. changed its name to Tower Metalworking Fluids. 

In 2018 Tower focused on the development of complete lines of high-performance and technologically advanced metal removal water-dilutable and compounded oil products.

From lubricating oils to metal forming and metal removal fluids, Tower Metalworking Fluids has played a pivotal role in the industry for more than 85 years. The company occupies 50,000-sq. ft. of floor space, produces over 1,000,000 gallons of metalworking fluids per year and has over 500,000 gallons of bulk storage capacity within our facility.

Today, Tower Metalworking Fluids services companies from all over the world.  From family-owned businesses to fortune 500 companies, Tower’s products and innovations continue to excel at bringing the greatest value to its customers by manufacturing high-performance products formulated with consideration for safety, health and the environment.