Machine Lubes

Way Lubricants

SF Way Lubes are formulated to maximize performance. Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure additives.  Superior demulsifying properties.  Does not contain sulfurized additives to extend coolant sump longevity.

Hydraulic Oils

Quadroil lines formulated for high performance and extended life.  Inhibitied against rust and oxidation.  Contain start of the art anti-wear additives for today's demanding operations.

Additive / Specialized

These products include additives for recirculating fluid maintenance (pH increaser, bactericides, and foam suppressants) and a rust protection booster and restorer for recirculating or highly diluted products. Specialized additives include an anti-seize compound typically used on rolling mills, a weld anti-spatter, and a synthetic compound used to prevent slag buildup on support slats when laser, plasma, or flame cutting.