Long life, bio-stable, universal emlusions. Advanced generation additive technology for superior surface finishes plus increased tool life. SAF-T-COOL's are formulated with petroleum oils and renewable resource oils. Very acceptable in high pressure systems, along with low mist characteristic. Continuously cleans & rinses the machine as it runs, eliminating any sticky residues.  Provide extended sump life without foul orders or the need for tank side additives.


High performance, biostatic, synthetic coolants designed for machining and grinding operations. Using “Green Fluid Technology” and state of the art lubricity additives to provide exceptional performance on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Designed for high pressure coolant systems. TOWERKEM’s have a special chemistry that continuously rinses the machine as it runs, eliminating any sticky residues before they build-up. Excellent rust protection. Long sump life and easily recyclable.


KLENEDRAW is Tower’s synthetic product line. These products are water soluble, Oil-Free solutions. When diluted with water, they can produce clean parts that can be welded with no smoke. These products also provide excellent rust protection as well. They are available in grades suitable for light duty through heavy duty metalforming operations.


GREEN FLUID TECHNOLOGY using ingredients derived from renewable resources. Formulated to replace vanishing oils made with petroleum solvents. VOC free synthetic.  Evaporates faster than most solvent based products. After evaporation, typically clean enough for packaging, assembly, or painting. SAF-T-VANISH has a light pleasant odor, nonflammable, and contains no hazardous ingrediants. High degree of lubricity without use of typical chemical extreme pressure additives.



TOWERPRO products are formulated to perform light duty to extra heavy-duty metal forming operations. They are available in chlorinated, chlorine-free or sulfur-free chemistries. Some have been formulated for use on specific metals while others are designed for use on a wide variety of metals. These soluble oils form long lasting stable emulsions in a wide variety of waters.


TOWERDRAW compounded oils are blends of mineral oil and additives which enhance their lubrication characteristics. Wide varieties of additives are used to provide chemical extreme pressure characteristics, increase film strength, change the coefficient of friction, and improve the wetting of metal surfaces. TOWERDRAW compounded oils are available in a wide range of viscosity grades and additives.


Worlds best line of tube bending gels.


Family of products that are specifically engineered for roll forming operations. Primarily designed for recirculating systems, all ROLLFORM coolants are balanced to provide extended sump life and process performance. Formulated to be operator friendly and free from hazardous ingredients as defined by OSHA and EPA rules. Formulations are designed for ferrous, non-ferrous and coated surface materials.



For use in tube mills and designed to offer extended sump life and optimal performance. TUBEFORM coolants provides excellent in-process rust protection, resists bacteria and fungal attack, is recyclable, and will not form sticky deposits on metal surfaces.


Cutting oils for machining and punching operations, ranging from light to heavy duty. Non-staining chemistry for a wide range of materials. TOWERCUT's provide excellent rust and corrosion protection of parts, cutting tools and the machine. Reduce formation of mist for a cleaner and safer workplance.


A line of parts cleaners and corrosion inhibitors are available. The TOWERKLENE line of products is designed to be compatible with the many types of chemistries used in our metalworking lubricants. This compatibility between the cleaner and the lubricant can improve the metal finishing process.



Synthetic, oil-free, non-flammable, non-toxic liquid that prevents hot slag and spatter from sticking to support slats and workpiece when laser, plasma, or flame cutting.  KLENESLAT Contains no silicone or ozone depleting chemicals. Will not inhibit secondary operations like welding, painting, galvanizing, or plating processes.  Provides short-term rust protection on ferrous metals.