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Towerdraw 6313-CF

TOWERDRAW 6313-CF is especially suitable for use on aluminum, zinc coated materials and copper alloys by providing special characteristics, such as exceptional wetting to minimize effects in die areas from residual packing of these softer materials. TOWERDRAW 6313-CF is effective in operations that include, blanking, forming, drawing, and deep drawing. Typical Viscosity is 125 SUS @ 100F֯
Metal Forming and Drawing Chlorine Free Oil


TOWERDRAW 6313-CF should be used as supplied from the drum. It can be applied in minimal amounts through Jet-Set® airless spray, drip, roller coater system, or flood on. TOWERDRAW 6313-CF can be removed by aqueous or solvent cleaners.


  • Contains No Hazardous Ingredients
  • Does Not Contain Chlorine or Sulfur & Receives Excellent Operator Acceptance
  • Provides Excellent In-Process Rust Protection & Offers Low Odor Characteristics at High Temperatures
  • Cleans Easily in Aqueous Cleaners & Exceptional Drawing Oil for Aluminum
  • Designed for Heavy Duty Operations
  • Exhibits Excellent Surface Wetting & Anti-Galling Characteristics


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