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Bend-All 004

BEND-ALL 004 is a synthetic, pour-able gel, formulated as a lubricant for draw bending and end-forming tube and pipe. It forms a high strength lubricating film on the mandrel and ID of the tube that will not slump or run off, even under high temperatures. BEND-ALL 004 is recommended for use on a wide variety of metals. For bending aluminum mix one part of petroleum oil or vegetable oil to 2-3 parts BEND-ALL 004.


BEND-ALL 004 should be used as received. It can be applied by hand or through automatic mandrel rod lubrication systems capable of pumping higher viscosity liquids or greases. It is important to use sufficient lubricant on the tool and inside the tube or pipe to maintain a wet fluid film and prevent the lubricant from drying-out. Some additive “bleeding” or separation may occur on the surface of the product. Stir to remix into a uniform gel if desired. BEND-ALL 004 can be cleaned in an aqueous wash using an alkaline cleaner, such as TOWERKLENE 42-A, with a 5%-10% concentration @ 130° F. Ambient temperature may be used, but increased cleaning time will be required.


  • Contains No Hazardous Ingredients
  • Contains No Petroleum Oil
  • Does Not Contain Chlorine or Sulfur
  • Spreads Evenly and Does Not Run From High Temperatures
  • Cleans in Water Based Alkaline Solutions & Can Be Welded Through Without Cleaning
  • Is Environmentally and Operator Friendly


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