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Towerpro 7764-R

TOWERPRO 7764-R is a heavy duty, multi-purpose emulsifiable metal forming lubricant designed for use on ferrous metals, high strength alloys, stainless steels, and aluminum. TOWERPRO 7764-R is effective on sever operations that include punching, multi-stage forming, drawing, deep drawing and tube bending. TOWERPRO 7764-R uses chlorinated additives that have passed all EPA testing and approved for continued use. It will not be affected when medium and long chain chlorinated paraffins are discontinued. TOWERPRO 7764-R uses ingredients in its formula that are compatible with carbide tooling. It has low foaming characteristics making it suitable for recirculating flood systems. TOWERPRO 7764-R has exceptional wetting on metal surfaces and leaves a light non-sticky oily film that provides good in-process rust protection.


TOWERPRO 7764-R can be used as a straight concentrate, or at dilutions up to 19:1 with water. It will form a stable semi-translucent tight emulsion in both soft and hard water. To ensure a stable emulsion, always add the concentrate to water with agitation. TOWERPRO 7764-R can be applied in minimal amounts through airless spray systems, drip, roller coater, or flood methods. It can be readily removed with an alkaline cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 42-A.


  • Chlorinated additives are EPA approved
  • Provides excellent in-process rust protection
  • Forms a stable emulsion in waters of varying hardness
  • Cleans easily in low temperature water based solutions
  • Replaces straight compounded oils
  • Reduces metal pickup and improves part quality