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Towerklene 65-S

TOWERKLENE 65-S is a heavy-duty alkaline sump and spray wash ferrous cleaner that can also be used in immersion cleaning applications. The use of this product will assure that maximum cleaning and disinfecting of the machine and sump will be achieved. It is a silicate free cleaner with good in process corrosion protection and low residue. The product is low foaming with excellent tramp oil rejection for easy skimming.
Cleaners Alkaline Cleaner


TOWERKLENE 65-S should be used at dilutions from 3% to 10%. The system being cleaned should be allowed to circulate from 30 minutes up to an hour with special attention paid to all areas that come in contact with the fluid, chips, or swarf. Particular attention should be given to the undersides of the machine beds and any dead zones of the sump. TOWERKLENE 65-S can be circulated at temperatures ranging from ambient to 1800F.


  • SOILS REMOVED: Cutting fluids, Oil and Grease, Drawing and Polishing Compounds, Carbon and baked on residues, and Organic and Inorganic materials.


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65-S Towerklene 65-S Towerklene