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Towercut E-915

TOWERCUT E-915 is a unique chlorine and sulfur-free lubricant designed for use in a variety of metal cutting, grinding, and forming operations. TOWERCUT E-915 provides exceptional wetting, flushing, cooling, and lubricity characteristics. TOWERCUT E-915 has a very low viscosity allowing for efficient separation of metal fines and leaving a minimal residue on the piece part.


TOWERCUT E-915 should be used as supplied from the drum. It can be applied by recirculating flood on, Jet-Set airless spray, drip, and roller coater systems. TOWERCUT E-915 can be used on ferrous metals, aluminum, zinc coated metals, and copper alloys. It is safe for use with carbide tooling. TOWERCUT E-915 can be removed by aqueous or solvent cleaners.


  • Provides excellent in-process corrosion protection
  • Cleans easily in aqueous wash systems
  • Leaves minimal residue on parts
  • Exhibits excellent surface wetting and anti-galling characteristics
  • Offers low odor characteristics at high temperatures