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Towercut D-904

TOWERCUT D-904 is a light viscosity, heavy duty cutting oil for machining and metal stamping operations. It is recommended for use on ferrous metals, alloyed steels, and stainless steel. TOWERCUT D-904 can be used on non-ferrous metals; however, proper post processing is required to prevent staining of brass and copper. TOWERCUT D-904 will provide rust protection for long term indoor storage of ferrous parts.


TOWERCUT D-904 should be used neat as supplied from the drum. It has been designed to be used in recirculating oil systems. Use filtration to remove metal particles from recirculating oil.


  • Provides in-process rust protection on ferrous metals
  • Cleans easily in aqueous wash systems
  • Designed for heavy duty applications
  • Exhibits excellent surface wetting and anti-galling characteristics
  • Provides excellent tool life