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Towerdraw A-728

TOWERDRAW A-728 is a low viscosity lubricant used for metal forming containing a balanced combination of boundary film and extreme pressure additives. It provides the unique lubricating characteristics required for high speed stamping; exceptional wetting, flushing, penetration, cooling, and extreme pressure lubrication. TOWERDRAW A-728 is also widely used on Multi-Slides and Four Slides. It does not form sticky or tacky residues in precision high speed stamping dies and the dies are protected from wear and corrosion.


TOWERDRAW A-728 is used neat as received on various forming operations with electrolytic copper, phosphorus bronze, beryllium copper, ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc coated metal, and titanium. It can be applied by roller coater, airless spray and drip lubricator. TOWERDRAW A-728 provides in-process corrosion protection for ferrous and zinc coated metals and contains special inhibitors to protect red metals. It is easy to remove in plating lines and in aqueous wash systems.


  • Contains No Hazardous Ingredients
  • Designed to Help Increase Tool Life
  • Provides Excellent In-Process Corrosion Protection
  • Cleans Easily in Aqueous Cleaners
  • Does Not Stain Copper Alloys & Receives Excellent Operator Acceptance
  • Exhibits Excellent Surface Wetting & Anti-Galling Characteristics


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