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Tower D-9110

TOWER D-9110 is a premium, heavy duty, lubricant for both metal cutting and metal forming operations. TOWER D-9110 contains dual reacting extreme pressure additives combined with a high level of wetting. This combination of extreme pressure protection along with excellent flushing properties prevents the occurrence of metal pick-up. TOWER D-9110 will provide extended corrosion protection for ferrous metals.


TOWER D-9110 should be used neat as supplied from the drum. It is a versatile lubricant for many types of metal working applications such as; piercing, forming, drawing, broaching, tapping, and cutting. It has been designed for use in recirculating oil systems. Use filtration to remove metal particles from recirculating oil. TOWER D-9110 can be removed in aqueous wash systems using an alkaline cleaner like TOWERKLENE 42-A.


  • Contains no hazardous ingrediants
  • Provides excellent in-process rust protection
  • Cleans easily in low temperature water based solutions.
  • Designed for heavy duty operations
  • Exhibits excellent surface wetting and anti-galling characteristics
  • Provides excellent tool life


Product Technical Data Sheets

9110-D TOWER 9110-D TOWER