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Rustbeat 198

RUSTBEAT 198 is a specialty rust preventive compounded to displace water and water soluble lubricants while simultaneously depositing a corrosion protective film on metal surfaces. It provides corrosion protection for extended indoor storage of ferrous parts. After drying, RUSTBEAT 198 leaves a thin dry film on the metal surface.


RUSTBEAT 198 is used as received and can be applied by spray, brush, dip tank or recirculating spray methods. It is typically used when up to nine month of indoor storage protection is required. It can be removed with an aqueous wash using an alkaline cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 42-A.


  • Displaces water efficently
  • Easy to wash in aqueous cleaning systems
  • Separates completely from water based lubricants
  • Up to 9 months indoor storage protection
  • Dry to the Touch film
  • 250 hours @ 100F @ 95-100% RH