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Rollform 1095

ROLLFORM 1095 is a synthetic universal emulsion formulated with ingredients from renewable resources. It does not contain petroleum oil, chlorinated paraffin’s, or sulfur. ROLLFORM 1095 only contains chemicals that are globally acceptable and it is GADSL compliant. ROLLFORM 1095 is a coolant/lubricant developed for roll forming operations. It has excellent corrosion protection for ferrous metals, aluminum, copper alloys, zinc coated, and aluminized metals. ROLLFORM 1095 uses new additive technology that produces outstanding lubricity and an extreme pressure lubricating film on metal surfaces. It forms a stable emulsion in a variety of waters and is a long-life fluid for recirculating systems. ROLLFORM 1095 uses Clean Fluid Technology to keep dies, tooling, and machines clean as it runs.


ROLLFORM 1095 is typically used at dilutions with water from 8 – 20%. It can be applied by recirculating flood, airless spray systems, drip, roller coater or similar methods. To ensure a stable emulsion, always add the concentrate to water with agitation. ROLLFORM 1095 is easy to clean in aqueous wash systems using an alkaline cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 42-A.


  • Non-Hazardous, No Pictograms on The Label & Does Not Contain Chlorine or Sulfur
  • Improves Roll Life & Provides Excellent In-Process Corrosion Protection
  • Mixes Easily with Water & Forms Stable Emulsions
  • Prolonged Sump Life
  • Machines and Tooling Run Clean Without Sticky Deposits
  • Excellent Operator Acceptance


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