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Rollform 1047-RF

ROLLFORM 1047-RF (formerly LS-N-359) is a semi-synthetic micro-emulsion that was designed and formulated for Roll Forming operations. ROLLFORM 1047-RF offers excellent corrosion protection for a wide variety of metals, including galvanized, galvalum, aluminized, aluminum, cold and hot roll steel, and yellow metals. ROLLFORM 1047-RF is also suitable for some stamping and drawing operations. It is operator-friendly and very stable in a variety of waters.


ROLLFORM 1047-RF is designed to be used at dilutions between 9:1 (10%) and 19:1 (5%) with tap water for Roll Forming operations. Dilutions for stamping and drawing applications may vary, depending upon their relative severity. Add ROLLFORM 1047-RF to water with agitation to form a stable microemulsion.


  • Does Not Contain Hazardous Ingredients & Provides Excellent In-Process Corrosion Protection
  • Resists Attack by Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi & Has Low Foaming Characteristics
  • Will NOT Form Sticky Deposits on Equipment
  • Is Easy to Remove With Aqueous Cleaners
  • Has Good Weld-Through Characteristics
  • Has Achieved Excellent Operator Acceptance


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