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LS-T-457 RT

LS-T-457 RT is a booster additive concentrate designed to increase or restore the rust protection in water dilutable metalworking fluids. It can be added to the coolant reservoir for machining and grinding systems using SAF-T-COOL and TOWERKEM products. LS-T-457 RT can be added to premixed dilutions of TOWERPRO and KLENEDRAW products used for metalforming operations.
Additive / Specialized


LS-T-457 RT is used at dilutions of 0.20% to 0.50%, or 25 to 64 ounces per hundred gallons of coolant, for machining, grinding, rollforming and tube mill operations. It is used at dilutions of 0.50% to 3.0% in the premixed product used for metalforming. LS-T-457 RT should be added slowly and circulated in order to insure distribution throughout the fluid being treated. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Density- 1.09 g/ml, Appearance- Clear amber liquid, Odor- Mild, pH- Typically 10.0


  • Outstanding Emulsion Stability
  • Excellent Operator Acceptance
  • Extends Rust Protection
  • Easy to Mix into Coolant/Lubricant
  • Non-Hazardous Formula
  • Cleans Easily in Aqueous Wash Systems


Product Technical Data Sheets

LS-T-457 RT LS-T-457 RT