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KLENESLAT-RP is a synthetic, oil free, non-flammable, non-toxic liquid that prevents hot slag and splatter from sticking to support slats and work pieces when laser, plasma or flame cutting. Any slag falling on an area treated with KLENESLAT-RP will make removal of laser slag easier, reducing machine downtime. Its ingredients are carefully selected to not cause hazardous fumes and discomfort to operators or surrounding workers. KLENESLAT-RP does not contain Silicones or Ozone depleting chemicals and will not inhibit secondary operations like welding, painting, galvanizing, or other plating processes. KLENESLAT-RP can also be used as a short-term rust preventive on ferrous metals stored indoors.
Additive / Specialized


KLENESLAT-RP requires no mixing, it is used as received. Spray or paint a light coating of the liquid on laser slats and areas where slag and splatter is a concern. If need be, KLENESLAT-RP can be removed with warm water or a mild alkaline cleaner. The product should be stored above 40° F. If frozen, return it to room temperature and agitate to mix. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Appearance- Clear Pale Yellow Liquid, Odor- Bland, Flash Point- None, Freezing Point- 32° F.


  • Decreases Laser Slat Cleaning Time
  • Increase Slat Life
  • No Mixing Required
  • No Odor. Non-Flammable. Non Toxic
  • Clean Weld Through
  • Excellent Operator Acceptance


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