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Tubeform 586

TUBEFORM 586 is an oil rejecting synthetic coolant and lubricant formulated specifically for Tube Mill operations. It has excellent cooling characteristics, allowing for efficient dissipation of heat generated during the welding phase of tube production. TUBEFORM 586 is naturally bio-stable, this ensures long sump life without foul odors and keeps all mill equipment and coolant lines free from an accumulation of fungus or mold. It only contains chemicals that are globally acceptable and are GADSL compliant. TUBEFORM 586 has excellent oil rejection and quickly separates out metal fines. This results in a cleaner running fluid and less build-up and pick-up on the rolls. It is easily recyclable in conventional fluid recovery systems and has low foaming characteristics. TUBEFORM 586 provides excellent rust protection on ferrous metals and the mill equipment. For long term storage and transit apply RUSTBEAT 385. TUBEFORM 586 is not recommended for aluminum.


TUBEFORM 586 is recommended for Tube Mills running CR steel, HRPO, and black iron tubing. It is designed to be used with water at dilutions between 9:1 (10%) and 19:1 (5%). Typically, 12:1 (8%) is recommended as a good starting dilution. Add it to water with agitation to form a stable solution in a wide variety of waters. Store TUBEFORM 586 indoors above 40 F.


  • Does NOT Contain Mineral Oil, Chlorine, Phosphorus, or Sulfur
  • Easy to Mix And Forms a Stable Solution
  • Has Excellent In-Process Rust Protection & Oil Rejecting Chemistry
  • Resistant to Growth of Bacteria, Fungi, and Mold
  • Quickly Separates Out Metal Fines
  • Has Outstanding Operator Acceptance


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