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Tubeform 390-TF

TUBEFORM 390-TF is a heavy duty emulsifiable coolant especially formulated for use on stainless steel and ferrous metal. TUBEFORM 390-TF has unique wetting and flushing properties, which allow it to minimize the possible build up of metal oxides on the forming rolls and in the weld areas. The coolant is formulated to prevent thermal and oxidative degradation, thereby reducing the possibility of gummy deposits on tubing, resulting in exceptionally clean parts.


TUBEFORM 390-TF is designed to be used at a starting dilution of 7% (14:1) with water. For secondary operations, beginning dilutions will vary, depending upon the relative severity of each particular operation.


  • Contains No Hazardous Ingredients
  • Performs a Wide Range of Operations
  • Has Excellent In-Process Rust Protection
  • Cleans Easily in Low Temperature Water Based Solutions
  • Mixes Easily With Water & Is Designed for Heavy Duty Operations at Extended Dilutions
  • Has Excellent Re-Wetting And Anti-Oxidation Characteristics


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