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Towerklene 50-S

TOWERKLENE 50-S is an effective liquid sump cleaner composed of a unique blend of cleansing agents, rinse aids and disinfectants for the cleaning of machine tool sumps and central systems while they remain in operation. TOWERKLENE 50-S is silicate-free with good in-process corrosion protection and low residues. TOWERKLENE 50-S is extremely efficient, low foaming and safe for use on all metals. Heating the system is not required when using TOWERKLENE 50-S.
Alkaline Cleaner


TOWERKLENE 50-S should be used at dilutions from 2% to 6%. Start the cleaning process by adding the TOWERKLENE 50-S directly to the working system. To determine the level of cleaner in the system check the refractive index of the working system before adding the TOWERKLENE 50-S concentrate. Each 1% level of cleaner added to the system will increase the refractometer reading by 0.4. Machine may continue to operate and produce parts for up to sixteen (16) hours while cleaning itself internally. Machine should then be drained and rinsed with clean water. Recharge the machine with fresh metalworking fluid immediately to prevent any rusting of machine surfaces.


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