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Towerklene 46-ARP-RT

TOWERKLENE 46-ARP-RT is an alkaline cleaner and synthetic corrosion inhibitor. It is a concentrated blend of alkalinity builders, water conditioners, buffering agents and low foaming wetting agents, designed for use in immersion soak wash, recirculating spray wash, and tumbling de-burring applications. TOWERKLENE 46-ARP-RT is a low foaming cleaner that is safe for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. TOWERKLENE 46-ARP-RT will provide excellent corrosion protection on ferrous parts when used as a synthetic corrosion inhibitor.
Alkaline Cleaner Synthetic


TOWERKLENE 46-ARP-RT should be used in applications where no rinsing is required for maximum corrosion inhibition. A starting dilution of 3% to 25% by volume in water is recommended. Optimal wash temperature is 130°F to 160°F. TOWERKLENE 46-ARP-RT is rated for 3 months @ 3% mix to 12 months @ 25% mix for indoor storage of ferrous metals.


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