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Towerkem 555-CGF

TOWERKEM 555-CGF is a premium, high quality synthetic metalworking fluid. It provides excellent lubricity, cooling, and corrosion protection for a variety of operations. TOWERKEM 555-CGF is a long life, low foaming coolant for recirculating flood systems. It has excellent filtering characteristics through positive media filters, hydrocyclonic units, magnetic separators, and diatomaceous earth. This long life chemistry coupled with filtering and tramp oil separation results in a fluid that could last indefinitely. TOWERKEM 555-CGF was specifically formulated to eliminate or minimize the leaching of cobalt from carbide. The use of TOWERKEM 555-CGF reduces operator risk of cobalt-related dermatitis and associated diseases by preventing cobalt leaching into the coolant.


TOWERKEM 555-CGF mixes easily with water to form a pure chemical solution. Recommended starting dilutions for grinding are 4% - 6%, for machining 5% - 10%, for rollforming and tube mills 5% - 8%, and for metalforming applications 10% - 20%. TOWERKEM 555-CGF can be used on cemented carbide, carbon steel, cast iron, nodular iron, high alloy steels, high speed steels, and stainless steels.


  • Does not contain mineral oil, chlorine or sulfur
  • Rejects tramp oil efficiently
  • Provides excellent rust protection
  • Resistance to biological growth and provides extended sump life
  • Safe to use on carbide tooling or grinding cemented carbide
  • Naturally low foaming