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Tower CF-1704

Tower CF-1704 has a combination of additives that can effectively replace chlorine in many metalforming lubricant applications. Tower CF-1704 can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing operations. They range from light duty stamped and formed parts to heavy-duty operations such as deep drawing and bar drawing. Many operations performed in the past that required chlorinated compounds are now run with chlorine-free chemistry, thereby offering many advantages to the end user.


Tower CF-1704 should be used as supplied from the drum. It can be applied by drip, roller coater, or in recirculating systems. It can be removed from parts in alkaline cleaners, such as TOWERDRAW 42-A, running at temperatures of 130F or more.


  • Chlorine free chemistry that is cost effective
  • Clean easily in aqueous wash systems
  • Reduces metal pickup and improves part quality
  • Exhibits excellent surface wetting and anti-galling characteristics
  • Provides excellent in-process corrosion protection