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Tower A-120

Tower A-120 contains a combination of chlorinated compounds in addition to sulfurized additives to reduce friction in metalforming operation. Used in a wide variety of manufacturing operations, such as deep drawing, blanking, forming and fine blanking operations. Tower A-120 is especially effective in forming cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel and stainless steel. Should not be used on yellow metals without additional testing prior to use. Ease of use and control make Tower A-120 an attractive to a wide variety of metal forming operations.


Operators benefit with Tower A-120 that it contains no hazardous ingredients as defined by OSHA and that are also EPA SARA-FREE. Use as supplied and require little or no ongoing maintenance. Tooling benefits from the broad range of friction-reducing capabilities inherent in Tower A-120. Plant costs are often lowered through reduction of rust inhibitor use.


  • Designed for heavy duty operations
  • Provides excellent tool life
  • Reduce part galling and increase anti-wear capabilites