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Saf-T-Cool 470

Saf-T-Cool 470 is an ultra-high performance universal emulsion designed for the most difficult machining operations. It is recommended for use on tough aerospace alloys such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel, and Aluminum. Saf-T-Cool 470 does not contain chlorine, sulphur, or phosphorous extreme pressure additives. It can improve tool life and surface finish on difficult alloys over soluble oils containing chemical extreme pressure additives. Saf-T-Cool 470 has a very tight emulsion that provides exceptional hard water stability, tramp oil rejection, and long fluid life. It is low foaming making it compatible with high pressure coolant systems. Saf-T-Cool 470 provides excellent corrosion protection for ferrous metals, machine tools, and is non-staining to aluminum. It constantly rinses the machine as it runs eliminating any sticky residues and leaving a very light oily film on the clean machine surfaces. SF WAY LUBES are recommended as the machine lubricant to help maintain proper system health.


Starting dilutions for machining operations should be between 5 – 12% and grinding 4 – 6%. Make-up fluid is typically added at half the target concentration. For proper mixing it is recommended that Saf-TCool 470 concentrate be added to water with agitation. Parts made with Saf-T-Cool 470 can be easily cleaned in an aqueous wash using an alkaline cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 42-A.


  • Non-Hazardous, No Pictograms on The Label
  • Low Chance of Skin Irritation Promotes Operator Acceptance
  • Prolonged Sump Life Without Foul Odors
  • Tight Emulsion Reduces Carry-off And Lowers Usage
  • Increases Tool Life Using State of The Art Additives
  • Excellent Surface Finish Improves Part Quality