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Rustbeat 386

RUSTBEAT 386 is a specialty rust preventive compounded to displace water and water soluble lubricants while simultaneously depositing a corrosion protective film. It provides up to one year indoor rust protection. RUSTBEAT 386 does not contain wax oxidate, this gives it the characteristic low odor and makes it easier to clean off. It displaces water from the metal surface and separates out of water or synthetic coolants.


RUSTBEAT 386 is used as received and can be applied by spray, brush, dip tank or recirculating spray methods. It has fast water separation and is generally compatible with most alkaline cleaners and metalworking fluids. RUSTBEAT 386 provides excellent corrosion protection for ferrous metals, galvanized steel, and aluminum.


  • Displaces Water Efficiently
  • Particularly Effective on Galvanized Steel
  • Provides Excellent Rust Protection
  • Separates Completely From Water & Is All Metal Safe
  • Is Barium-Free & Cleans Easily
  • Has Excellent Operator Acceptance


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