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Rustbeat 12

RUSTBEAT 12 is a Class I solvent cutback rust preventive designed for use on ferrous and nonferrous metals. It will deposit a firm wax-like, transparent, amber film. RUSTBEAT 12 is used to protect parts during long term transit including overseas shipments. It can be used for indoor or out door storage conditions.


RUSTBEAT 12 should be stirred or mixed before use to produce a uniform liquid product. The metal surface temperature should be 50-95F prior to coating and dry, clean, and free of oil or rust. It can be applied by spray, brush, or dip methods. RUSTBEAT 12 will dry to the touch in approximately one hour at room temperature. It can be removed with mineral spirits, kerosene, vapor degreasing, hot alkaline wash, or steam cleaning. The recommended storage temperatures for RUSTBEAT 2 are between 50F and 95F.


  • Outdoor Storage (Uncovered) 6 months minimum
  • Shed Storage 2 years minimun