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Lamstamp 3488

LAMSTAMP 3488 is a synthetic metalworking lubricant designed to meet the special and demanding requirements of the lamination stamping industry. It includes a new corrosion inhibitor, which was developed to meet the more demanding requirements for water dilutable die lubricants used for lamination stamping. The performance of this new additive allows for a maximum blend of boundary film and extreme pressure additives. LAMSTAMP 3488 has provided superior tool life for high speed lamination stampings using carbide tooling. LAMSTAMP 3488 was developed for this industry and represents technological advancement in synthetic lubricants for lamination stamping processes.
Klenedraw Synthetic


LAMSTAMP 3488 is formulated as a die lubricant for cold rolled motor lamination steels, grain oriented iron-silicon alloys, and silicon based alloy steels used for electrical laminations. LAMSTAMP 3488 may cause rust on AK Steel C-5 and C-3 Phosphate coated steel. We recommend doing a rust test before using it on these coated steels. It is also suitable for galvanized and painted metals. LAMSTAMP 3488 is typically used in water dilutions at 6 to 10% concentrations. It forms stable solutions in waters of varying degrees of hardness and resists breakdown and inhibits the formation of foul odors caused by microbial attack. LAMSTAMP 3488 can be applied by Jet-Set® airless spray, roll coater, drip, or recirculating flood methods. Dies should be cleaned using a water based, carbide safe, cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 45-ARP.


  • Does NOT Contain Mineral Oil, Chlorine, or Sulfur
  • Burns Off Clean in Annealing Furnaces
  • Contains no VOC's
  • Provides Excellent In-Process Corrosion Protection
  • Provides Superior Tool Life Because of High Lubricity
  • Delivers Excellent Cooling, Flushing, and Wetting Properties & Consistently Earns Outstanding Operator Acceptance


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