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Klenedraw W-4888

KLENEDRAW W-4888 is a synthetic solution formulated as a lubricant for metal stamping and drawing operations. It does not contain petroleum oil. KLENEDRAW W-4888 will provide lubrication for very heavy duty metal forming operations. It has excellent wetting characteristics and interacts with metal surfaces to produce a high strength boundary and chemical extreme pressure lubricating film. KLENEDRAW W-4888 dries to a soft non-sticky residue that cleans easily in low temperature aqueous wash systems. Its chemistry is non-hazardous under OSHA regulations and does not require hazard pictograms on the label.
Klenedraw Synthetic


KLENEDRAW W-4888 can be used to form high strength steel alloys, stainless steel, zinc coated steel, and aluminum. It can be used as a straight concentrate or at dilutions up to 19:1 with water. Add KLENEDRAW W-4888 to water and mix until it forms a pure solution with the water. It can be applied using airless spray systems, drip, roller coater or flood methods. Parts are easily cleaned in aqueous wash systems using an alkaline cleaner at a low concentration.


  • Non-Hazardous, No Pictograms Required
  • Soft Non-Sticky Residue
  • Affords Excellent In-Process Rust Protection
  • Cleans Easily In Low Temperature Water Based Solutions
  • Replaces Straight Compounded Oils & Produces and Extreme Pressure Lubricating Film
  • Performs Heavy-Duty Operations at Extended Dilutions & Weld Through Without Cleaning


Product Technical Data Sheets

4888-W Klenedraw 4888-W Klenedraw