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Klenedraw 3275

KLENEDRAW 3275 is an oil free synthetic solution designed to lubricate metalforming operations on ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, zinc coated metals, copper alloys, and painted metal. It can be used for a variety of metalforming operations including punching, perforating, roll forming and multi-stage forming and drawing operations. KLENEDRAW 3275 penetrates and interacts with metal surfaces producing a high strength film with chemical extreme pressure characteristics.


KLENEDRAW 3275 can be used as received or at dilutions up to 10:1 with tap water, depending on the severity of the operation. At dilutions of 3:1 or more it will leave a dry to the touch residue after drying. It mixes easily with water and forms stable solutions. KLENEDRAW 3275 can be applied in minimal amounts by using JET SET airless spray, drip, roller coater or similar methods.


  • Excellent corrosion protection for zinc coatings.
  • Can improve part quality and tool life
  • Cleans easily in low temperature water based solutions.
  • Does not contain Chlorine or Sulfur. Does not contain VOC's
  • Has Excellent rust protection for inside storage
  • Can be welded through without cleaning.