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Compound 48

COMPOUND 48 is a heavy, tenacious, polymerized synthetic lubricant and anti-seize compound. It is shear resistant, wipe resistant, resists thinning from heat, and resists wash out by metalworking coolants. COMPOUND 48 can be used as a lubricant on heavily loaded cams, slides, bushings, and as an anti-seize parting compound.
Additive / Specialized


COMPOUND 48 is widely used as a roll parting compound on roll formers and tube mills. Apply an even film, by hand or brush, onto the shaft and the bore of the roll tooling. Any excessive COMPOUND 48 can be removed with a solvent cleaner such as mineral spirits after installing the roll tooling onto the shaft. The use of COMPOUND 48 will make it easier to remove the roll tooling at the next change interval. It is not recommended for use in high RPM anti-friction bearings. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Appearance- Clear Pale Yellow Liquid, Specific Gravity @ 15.6 C- 0.865, Viscosity @ 100 ºC, cST- 622, Flash Point, °C, PMCC- 175, Pour Point, °C- -9


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