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4 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety & Health

Jun 15, 2023

A safe work environment is critical to running a successful business in the industrial and manufacturing industries. Workplace safety is a subject that varies between industrial fields. For this article, we will focus on four specific areas of health safety including understanding hazardous pictograms, alternative solutions to harmful metalworking fluids, thinking SAFE, and properly caring for your hazardous metalworking fluids.

1. Understand Your GHS Labels

Many people often ignore the labels located on the containers of their metalworking fluids. Paying careful attention to the details provided on GHS labels, including the pictograms and statements depicting potential hazards, is crucial as they directly affect your well-being and the well-being of your employees. GHS hazard labels serve as an International standard for classifying physical and health risks. There are nine diamond-shaped pictograms in total with red or black borders:

Health Hazard: Substances leading to respiratory, reproductive, or organ toxicity that causes damage over time. 


Flame: Flammable and liable to self-ignite when exposed to water or air, or which emits flammable gas. 


Gas Cylinder: Gasses stored under pressure, such as ammonia or liquid nitrogen. 


Exploding Bomb: Explosives, including organic peroxides and highly unstable material at risk of exploding even without exposure to air. 


Skull and Crossbones: Substances such as poisons and highly concentrated acids, which have an immediate and severe toxic effect.


Exclamation Mark: An immediate skin, eye, or respiratory tract irritant, or narcotic. 


Flame Over Circle: Identifies oxidizers. Oxidizers are chemicals that facilitate burning or make fires burn hotter and longer. 


Corrosion: Materials causing skin corrosion, burns, or eye damage on contact or that are corrosive to metals. 


Environmental Hazard: Chemicals toxic to aquatic wildlife. 

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2. Replace Hazardous Metalworking Fluids with Safe Alternatives
Why use a harmful product when there is an alternative? Over 86% of our products at Tower Metalworking Fluids are hazard-free. Our priority is to deliver SAFE, high-quality products and services to our customers, and our team is committed to assisting you in finding the ideal solutions to help you succeed. We have an exceptional team of passionate and brilliant chemists who are always striving to create the best products for the health of our customers and the environment without sacrificing performance. Most of our customers find our products to be cost-effective with added value when taking into consideration prolonged tool life, corrosion protection, sump life, and employee health & safety to name a few. We offer innovative and unique environmentally responsible products and solutions, including our SAF-T-VANISH line. SAF-T-VANISH is ideal for lighter metal forming, drawing & stamping, and roll forming processes. It can be used for all types of metals and is 100% hazard-free and pictogram-free. SAF-T-VANISH offers superb corrosion protection, evaporates quickly, provides excellent lubricating and wetting properties, and is a cost-effective product having saved our customers money both in the short-term and long-term compared next to most competitor products. It can replace hazardous petroleum-based vanishing oils and eliminate VOCs in your environment. We are offering a free sample that is delivered in two-gallon sizes. We genuinely care about the health of you, your employees, and the overall success of your business. We are proud to stand behind our products and provide an alternative to keep you and your employees safe. Sign up now for a free sample of Saf-T-Vanish: See Our Full Line of SAF-T-Vanish Products | Tower Metalworking Fluids (
3. Think SAFE
Employees working with metalworking fluids may experience skin irritations, which may be a sign of problems such as excessive fluid concentration, elevated alkalinity, unstable emulsion, or contamination. Prolonged exposure and other factors can also play a role in causing skin irritations. Health-related problems may arise from improper use of additives, inadequate fluid application, and high concentration levels. 
Exposure to hazardous metalworking fluids can be controlled by using efficient fluid delivery systems, properly maintaining your fluid systems, and using the recommended PPE. 
4. Take Care of Hazardous Metalworking Fluids

Proper handling and storage are essential when working with metalworking fluids to maintain a safe working environment. It is important to handle these fluids with caution and adhere to appropriate safety protocols. One crucial aspect is ensuring that all containers are clearly labeled and properly identified. This step helps to prevent any confusion or accidental misuse of hazardous metalworking fluids.


Additionally, proper storage practices should be followed to maintain the integrity of the metalworking fluids. These fluids should be stored in designated areas that are well-ventilated and protected from extreme temperatures. It is important to avoid storing them near sources of ignition or incompatible materials to prevent potential chemical reactions or fire hazards.


Regular inspections should be conducted to ensure that containers are properly sealed and free from leaks or damage. Any damaged or deteriorated containers should be replaced promptly to prevent spills or contamination. Proper disposal methods should also be followed for any empty or expired containers, in accordance with local regulations and guidelines.


By emphasizing the importance of proper identification, and appropriate storage, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with working with Metalworking Fluids and promote a safe working environment for all employees.



Replace harmful chemicals with safer and environmentally responsible products whenever possible. Our SAF-T-VANISH products have taken out over 4.1 million lbs. of hazardous VOCs in the air since 2018. Take the first step and make the change. 

Choosing safe metalworking fluids is the ideal, safe, and responsible option. Tower provides various solutions to replace harmful and hazardous metalworking fluids, promoting safety in the workplace while being environmentally responsible. In situations where the use of hazardous metalworking fluids is unavoidable, it is crucial to recognize the associated risks and implement appropriate precautions to safeguard your employees.




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One of our key differentiators is our industry-leading portfolio of hazard-free options. We prioritize safety without compromising on the quality you would expect from traditional solvents or hazardous fluids. Our products have undergone rigorous testing and meet the highest standards to ensure their effectiveness and reliability.


Furthermore, our track record speaks for itself. Over the past five years, our commitment to quality has resulted in an impressive customer product acceptance rating of 99.95%. We take pride in our ability to fulfill orders successfully, with a remarkable order fulfillment success rate of 99.4%. Additionally, our on-time delivery performance rating stands at 99.5%, showcasing our reliability in meeting customer expectations.


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With Tower, you not only benefit from our outstanding product quality and safety, but you also gain a reliable partner dedicated to your satisfaction and success. We are here to exceed your expectations and support your success with top-notch solutions and exceptional service.