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Towersol 340-MG

TOWERSOL 340-MG is a high-performance mineral oil and chlorine-free based metalworking fluid especially designed for use on magnesium and magnesium alloys. The unique chemistry will provide performance and emulsion stability which is so critical when machining magnesium. TOWERSOL 340-MG is designed to produce stable emulsions without splitting in hardness up to 5500 ppm. TOWERSOL 340-MG does not contain additives based on sulfur, chlorine, phosphorous or boron and provides excellent corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and machine tools. It is suitable for other non-ferrous alloys including brass and bronze as it will not form insoluble lead soaps. For high zinc containing alloys (which have a propensity to stain) it is recommended to test for staining before use.
Universal Emulsion


Starting dilutions for machining operations should be between 5 to 10% and grinding 4 to 6%. Make-up fluid is typically added at half the target concentration. For proper mixing it is recommended that TOWERSOL 340-MG concentrate is added to water with agitation.


  • Non-hazardous, no pictograms on the label
  • Low odor and light color
  • Stable emulsions in hard water
  • Rejects tramp oil
  • Excellent surface finish & Maintains stable pH values
  • No chlorine or sulfur-based additives & Machine run clean without sticky residues


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