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Towerklene 40-A

TOWERKLENE 40-A is a liquid alkaline cleaner formulated to provide an effective alkaline spraycleaning solution for ferrous metals in power spray washers prior to iron phosphate conversion coating and subsequent painting applications. TOWERKLENE 40-A is a product designed to tolerate usually high levels of hard water salts and metal ion contamination. It contains a detergent with exceptional wetting, penetrating and emulsifying properties, and has a high tolerance for oils and other soil accumulation.
Cleaners Alkaline Cleaner


TOWERKLENE 40-A performs exceptionally well under conditions where lower temperature processing demands controlled foam properties. Cleaning temperatures range from 120 to 160°F, with 135°F being an optimum temperature. Concentrations should range between 3 and 15% by volume, with 5% being typical. The cleaning stage may be followed by a clean, overflowing rinse at ambient temperatures or hotter, if subsequent finishing is to follow immediately. If indoor storage rust protection is desired, parts cleaned with TOWERKLENE 40-A should be rinsed and a subsequent rust preventive applied. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Density- 1.13 g/ml or 9.4 lbs/gal, Appearance- Clear liquid, Odor- Bland, pH (1% solution)- Typically 11 to 13


  • Tolerates Hard Water Salts & Metal Ion Contamination
  • Has High Tolerance for Oils & Other Soil Contamination


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