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Towerkem 552-CGF

TOWERKEM 552-CGF is an excellent, high quality synthetic metalworking fluid. It provides superb lubricity, cooling, and corrosion protection for a variety of operations. TOWERKEM 552-CGF is a long life, low foaming coolant for recirculating flood systems. It has excellent filtering characteristics through positive media filters, hydrocyclonic units, magnetic separators, and diatomaceous earth. This long-life chemistry coupled with filtering and tramp oil separation results in a fluid that could last indefinitely. TOWERKEM 552-CGF was specifically formulated to eliminate or minimize the leaching of cobalt from carbide. The use of TOWERKEM 552-CGF reduces operator risk of cobalt-related dermatitis by preventing cobalt leaching into the coolant. TOWERKEM 552-CGF uses our CLEAN FLUID TECHNOLOGY to continuously clean the machine as the coolant circulates.


TOWERKEM 552-CGF mixes easily with water to form a pure chemical solution. Recommended starting dilutions are 4% - 6% for grinding, 5% - 10% for machining, 5% - 8% for roll forming and tube mills, and 10% - 20% for metalforming applications. TOWERKEM 552-CGF can be used on cemented carbide, carbon steel, cast iron, nodular iron, high alloy steels, high speed steels, and stainless steels.


  • Does NOT Contain Mineral Oil, Chlorine, or Sulfur
  • Rejects Tramp Oil Efficiently & Has Outstanding Machine Operator Acceptance
  • Provides Excellent In-Process Rust Protection
  • Excellent Resistance to Biological Growth & Provides Extended Sump Life
  • Naturally Low Foaming and Excellent Clarity & Cleanliness
  • Safe to Use on Carbide Tooling or Grinding Cemented Carbide


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