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Towerkem 544

TOWERKEM 544 is a biostatic, synthetic coolant designed for grinding operations on ferrous metals. It does not contain mineral oil or animal fats and resists biological attack. TOWERKEM 544 only contains chemicals that are globally acceptable and are GADSL complaint. It is designed to reject tramp oil for efficient skimming and to quickly separate out metal fines. It has extremely low foaming characteristics making it suitable for high pressure and high flow coolant systems. TOWERKEM 544 provides outstanding rust protection on cast iron metal, and has excellent residue and cleanliness on the machine and tooling. It continuously cleans the machine of swarf and sticky residues as it runs.


TOWERKEM 544 is effective for numerous grinding operations on ferrous metals and for light duty machining applications. The recommended starting dilution for grinding is 19:1 (5%) and for machining it is 9:1 (10%) to 19:1 (5%). Make-up coolant is typically added at half the target concentration.


  • Excellent tramp oil rejection
  • Minimal residue characteristics
  • Excellent biological resistance
  • Metal fines separate out quickly
  • Overall outstanding system life
  • Excellent operator acceptance