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Towerdraw TC-88

TOWERDRAW TC-88 is a modified complex chemical soap, water soluble paste, formulated as a lubricant for metal forming. Provides a strong barrier film, high degree of lubricity, and extreme pressure protection for the tooling. TOWERDRAW TC-88 is primarily intended as a mandrel lubricant for tube and pipe bending and for end forming operations. Can be used on a wide variety of metals including; ferrous, stainless steel, aluminized, titanium, inconel, aluminum, and copper alloys.


TOWERDRAW TC-88 is normally used as supplied, but may be diluted with water by adding water to the paste with agitation. It must be mixed in this order to form a stable emulsion. Can be applied by hand or brush or pumped through the mandrel for draw bending applications. TOWERDRAW TC-88 does not harden in the drum, mandrel, or on the tooling. Use equipment rated for pumping NLGI #1 grease for pumping. Easy to clean with a mild alkaline cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 42-A or 246-A.


  • Does not contain chlorine, sulfur, or hazardous ingrediants
  • Can be pumped or hand applied
  • Weld through without cleaning
  • High performance, versatile lubricant for wide range of draw bending
  • Cleans easily in aqueous wash systems
  • Operator friendly


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