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Towerdraw A-718

TOWERDRAW A-718 is a compounded oil specially formulated to lubricate high speed stamping dies running electrical components. Provide special characteristics, such as exceptional wetting to minimize silting effects in die areas from residual packing of softer materials. Will not cause negative reactions on the surface of materials being formed, which could impede their overall electrical conductivity. Also capable of providing excellent flushing, penetration, cooling, boundary film lubrication, and extreme pressure characteristics.


TOWERDRAW A-718 should be used as straight concentrate in various forming operations with electrolytic copper, phosphorus bronze, beryllium copper and some special alloys containing manganese. Can be applied by roller coater, airless spray and drip lubrication. Easy to clean in typical plating lines.


  • Formulated for electrial components
  • Minimal residue characteristics
  • Easy to clean in variety of wash systems
  • Provides excellent in-process rust protection
  • Does not stain copper alloys