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Towerdraw A-406

TOWERDRAW A-406 is a compounded petroleum-based product formulated for use as a die lubricant in metal stamping and drawing operations. It has unique wetting and flushing properties in combination with extreme pressure additives. A minimal film remains after drying which provides in-process corrosion protection. TOWERDRAW A-406 has good weld through characteristics.


TOWERDRAW A-406 should be used as supplied. It can be applied in minimal amounts through airless spray, drip, or roller coater systems. TOWERDRAW A-406 can be easily removed by aqueous cleaners.


  • Provides good in-prcoess rust protection
  • Can be welded through without cleaning
  • Cleans easily in low temperature water based solutions.
  • Exhibits excellent surface wetting and anti-galling characteristics
  • Contains no hazardous ingrediants