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Towercut 219

TOWERCUT 219 is a high-performance cutting fluid formulated for use in general purpose machining of mild steels and exotic metals like titanium and Inconel. The product can also be used in broaching of alloy and stainless steels and can be run in swiss automatics where alloy steels are being machined. TOWERCUT 219 utilizes superior quality extreme pressure additives that extend tool life and enhance performance at the point of the cut. TOWERCUT 219 provides excellent oxidation stability for long service life, superior finishes, and fewer rejected parts to increase productivity. TOWERCUT 219 is formulated with anti-mist, anti-foam, and anti-oxidation additives for a clean and trouble-free performance.
Machining & Grinding


Low oxidation rates


  • High thermal stability
  • Light color
  • Lower odor
  • Exceptional lubricity
  • Superior surface finishes
  • Multi metal safe