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Saf-T-VANISH 133

Saf-T-VANISH 133 is GREEN FLUID TECHNOLOGY using ingredients derived from renewable resources. It is formulated to replace vanishing oils made with hydrocarbon solvents. Saf-T-VANISH 133 is a VOC free synthetic lubricant used for metal stamping, drawing, and roll forming. It uses state of the art additive technology to provide a high degree of lubricity without the use of chlorine, sulfur, or phosphorus chemical extreme pressure additives. After evaporation parts have a minimal residue that is typically clean enough for secondary operations such as welding, assembly, and packaging. Saf-T-VANISH 133 has a light odor, is non-flammable, and does not contain any hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). SafT-VANISH 133 will not give off hazardous fumes during high temperature secondary operations.
Vanishing / Disappearing Compound


Saf-T-VANISH 133 should be used as supplied. It can be applied by airless spray, spray mist, drip, or roll coater. Saf-T-VANISH 133 is safe for use on ferrous metals, stainless steel, zinc coated metals, aluminum, and painted materials. Prescreening is recommended on copper alloys. Saf-T-VANISH 133 will provide excellent corrosion protection after allowed to dry. The optimal storage temperature is above 40ยบ F.


  • Environmentally Safe & Does NOT Contain Mineral Oil, Chlorine, Sulfur or Phosphorus
  • Leaves Clean Parts After Evaporation & Contains no VOC's, HAP's, or Hazardous Ingredients
  • Totally Bio-Degradable & Provides Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • Provides Superior Tool Life Because of High Lubricity & Safe For Use on Carbide Tooling
  • Delivers Excellent Cooling, Flushing & Wetting Properties
  • Consistently Earns Outstanding Operator Acceptance


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