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Saf-T-Cool 461

Saf-T-Cool 461 is a high performance universal bio-stable coolant. It utilizes state of the art ingredients to provide long sump life without the use of tank side additives. Foul odors and the typical Monday Morning (rotten egg) smells are eliminated. It has excellent hard water emulsion stability and corrosion protection for ferrous metals and the machine tools. Saf-T-Cool 461 it is formulated to quickly reject excess tramp oils for easy removal. Its natural low foam characteristics make it acceptable in high pressure systems, along with low mist characteristics creating a safe working environment. Saf-T-Cool 461 uses advanced generation additive technology for outstanding surface finishes and tool life. Our Clean Fluid Technology uses the fluid to constantly wash/rinse the machine as it runs eliminating any sticky residues and leaving a very light oily film on the machine surfaces. SF WAY LUBES are recommended as the machine lubricant to help maintain proper system health.


Saf-T-Cool 461 forms a premium quality micro-emulsion for machining and grinding all types of metals (except magnesium). Starting dilutions for machining operations should be between 5 10%. For grinding operations, the suggested starting dilutions should be between 4 6%. Make-up fluid is typically added at half the target concentration. For proper mixing it is recommended that Saf-T-Cool 461 concentrate be added to water with agitation.


  • Outstanding Emulsion Stability in Hard & Soft waters
  • Low misting and low foaming charateristics
  • Keeps machines clean without sticky deposits or residues
  • Excellent in-process rust and corrosion protection
  • Prolonged sump life with our foul odors
  • Excellent operator acceptance