Roll Forming Lubricants

Our entire Roll Forming product line contains robust, game-changing formulations, providing our customers leading-edge technology. All products within the group are designed and formulated with health and safety in mind using...




We are committed to protecting you and your workforce by offering “Pictogram Free” & “Hazard Free” coolants using state-of-the-art technology with consideration for the health and safety of every employee! Act now and operate in a cleaner environment, eliminate dermatitis, breathe free and leave the health worries behind.


We are committed to improving the environment by diligently working to provide a line of Roll Forming products that are environmentally responsible. Take the hazards out of your facility and get immediate results to improve the environmental quality of your business.


Innovation & Technology

Our team of expert Chemists formulated Tower's Roll Forming products through innovation and advanced technology, creating exceptional performance characteristics in every product. From synthetics to soluble oils to vanishing compounds, Tower's Roll Form product line is engineered for results, execution and safety that leads to...





Our ROLL FORMING lubricants provide superior performance and lubricity for a variety of metals in ROLL FORMING applications. Tower formulates with the highest ingredients to increase sump life, eliminate build-up on rolls and improve throughput while providing excellent rust and stain protection.

Product Lines

ROLLFORM  coolants are specifically engineered for Roll Forming operations. Especially designed for recirculating systems, the entire ROLLFORM product line is balanced to provide extended sump life and formulated for various materials including ferrous, non-ferrous and coated surface materials used in a variety of industries and applications. A Must Try!

SAF-T-VANISH  lubricants are made using ingredients derived from renewable resources. They are formulated to replace vanishing oils made with hydrocarbon solvents that contain VOCs and HAPs. This product line is designed for lighter Roll Forming operations and can be applied by roller-coater, micro-mist spray or airles spray systems. These lubricants provide the necessary degree of lubricity while being able to eliminate the need for cleaning prior to post-plating, painting and final assembly. A coat saver!


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