Metalforming Lubricants

Our entire line of Metalforming Lubricants comprises robust, game-changing formulations, providing our customers leading-edge metalforming lubricant technology. Designed for health, safety and the environment, our products offer...




We are committed to protecting you and your workforce by offering “Pictogram Free” & “Hazard Free” coolants using state-of-the-art technology with consideration for the health and safety of every employee! Act now and operate in a cleaner environment, eliminate dermatitis, breathe free and leave the health worries behind.


We are committed to improving the environment by diligently working to provide a line of coolants that are environmentally responsible and biodegradable. Take the hazards out of your facility and get immediate results to improve the environmental quality of your business.


Innovation & Technology

Tower has developed and manufactured high-performance Metalforming Lubricants since 1933. Our team of expert Chemists formulate innovation into every product using the latest additive technology ingredients, resulting in value solutions and reduced costs. Tower has the expertise and products to meet all of the challenges for your specific application through... 





Our formulated lubricants provide high performance and lubricity for a variety of metals and applications. We formulate with the highest quality ingredients to improve tool life, improve cleanability, reduce application volume, lower concentration and improve part quality while providing excellent rust and stain protection.

Product Lines

KLENEDRAW ® Water Soluble, Oil-Free solutions, producing exceptionally clean parts that can be welded without cleaning. Provides excellent rust and stain protection and is suitable for both light or heavy-duty metalforming operations.

TOWERPRO  products offer premium performance from light-duty to extra heavy-duty metalforming operations. Formulated for long lasting stable emulsions, this product line is formulated to provide "extreme" performance characteristics and excellent wetting of metal surfaces.

SAF-T-VANISH®  VOC-Free disappearing fluids, truly unique in the industry.

TOWERDRAW  Vanishing Fluids - Compounded Oils - Chlorine Free Chemistries

TOWER FINE BLANKING SERIES  Offering both traditional and Chlorine-Free Chemistries


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