Metal Removal Coolants

Our entire metal removal product line contains robust, game-changing formulations, providing our customers leading-edge coolant technology. Designed for health, safety and the environment, our products offer ...



We are committed to protecting you and your workforce by offering


“Pictogram Free” & “Hazard Free” coolants using state-of-the-art technology with consideration for the health and safety of every employee! Act now and operate in a cleaner environment, eliminate dermatitis, breathe free and leave the health worries behind.


We are committed to improving the environment by diligently working to 


provide a line of coolants that are environmentally responsible and biodegradable. Take the hazards out of your facility and get immediate results to improve the environmental quality of your business.

Innovation & Technology

Innovation is what keeps Tower at the forefront of metal removal coolant manufacturers. We listen to our customers and understand their concerns and processing needs. Our technologies are developed for exceptional safety, performance and a responsibility to the environment. Understanding how and why our products perform in our customers’ machining centers is key to our developing value-creating solutions.



Our formulated coolants provide exceptional performance and lubricity on ALL metals. We formulate with the highest quality ingredients to improve tool life, extend sump life and use a unique, proprietary chemistry that continuously cleans the machine as it runs, eliminating any residues before they build-up in your machine.

Product LinesBefore_and_after

Our SAF-T-COOL product line offers a complete package of coolants made for every industrial application. These products offer low foam characteristics that clean and rinse the machine as it runs, eliminating residues and protecting against corrosion. We also use advanced generation additive technology for superior surface finishes, increased tool life and sump life.

This saves you money!

Our TOWERKEM Product Lines are high performance, biostatic, synthetic coolants with special chemistry that reject tramp oils while providing exceptional rust protection and extended sump life. We use state-of-the-art lubricity additives to provide exceptional performance on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and chemistry that continuously cleans and rinses the machine as it runs. The proven performance speaks for itself!


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