Firearms & Ammunition Metalworking Fluids

The Firearms and Ammunition Industry Relies on Tower’s Green Fluid and Clean Fluid Technology for all their Manufacturing Needs.



The Facts

  • Customers see 10-20% increased tool life while improving part quality in every process application.
  • Tower’s SAF-T-COOL and TOWERKEM coolant products significantly increase sumple life in machining applications. Exceptional rust and stain protection specifically designed for the industry.
  • TOWERPRO 5800 and 5400 Series are non-hazardous and high lubricity stamping/drawing fluids developed for deep drawing brass and copper alloys. Widely used to reach the total elongated length of the casings. Suitable for recirculating flood systems and rejects tramp oil.
  • TOWERPRO Series has many proven product of varying lubricity and specific qualities for varying production processes including those that cannot contain Nonylphenol Ethoxylates. Widely used in many different ammunition and firearm production.
  • Tower formulates with the highest quality of additives resulting in lower concentration, improved cleanability, and excellent rust and stain protection.


Tower Metalworking Fluids proven industry success comes from a relentless and unparalleled commitment to research and development of new chemistries and technology. Environmentally responsible and cost effective.

With the economic growth that America’s Firearms & Ammunition industry has experienced in recent years, manufacturers continue to count on Tower’s high-performance metalforming and metal removal product lines to boost productivity and reduce overall costs.


Formulating to Meet the Industries Most Stringent Manufacturing Requirements Today! 


Innovation is what keeps Tower at the forefront of metal removal coolant manufacturers. We listen to our customers and understand their concerns and processing needs. Our technologies are developed for exceptional safety, performance and a responsibility to the environment. Understanding how and why our products perform in our customers’ machining centers is key to our developing value-creating solutions.

Check out Saf-T-Cool for machining coolants and Towerpro  for forming lubricant.


Technical Performance and Expertise when you Need it!

Tower’s team of Field Engineers and Product Specialists have the hands-on approach to help our customers achieve their objectives. We provide the right recommendations optimized to increase productivity and lower overall costs. 

Bringing Together all the aspects of Performance and Safety 

  • Safety & Environment 
  • Innovation & Technology 
  • Manufacturing Excellence 
  • Superior Performance 
  • Exceptional Value 





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