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68-HP Way Lube

TOWER 68-HP WAY LUBE has been formulated to maximize the performance of slideways in the most demanding applications on today's more complex machine tools. 68-HP WAY LUBE was developed for use on slideways made of varying metallic composition and plastic inserts. The anti-wear and extreme pressure (EP) characteristics of 68-HP WAY LUBE allows it to function under thin film conditions and prevent metal to metal contact. Base oils and additives used in 68-HP WAY LUBE are specially selected and quality controlled to prevent plugging of filters and metering fittings in automatic lubrication systems. 68-HP WAY LUBE meets the requirements of Cincinnati Milacron P-47 and P-50 specifications. TOWER 68-HP WAY LUBE possesses superior demulsifying (i.e. water-separating) characteristics in the presence of water soluble coolants and grinding fluids. Such demulsifying properties help maintain the integrity of 68-HP WAY LUBE in the presence of water and effectively reduce contamination of water based process lubricants.
Way Lubricants


  • Excellent Stick-Slip Characteristics
  • Outstanding Thermal Stability
  • Low Odor, Light Colored
  • Superior Demulsibility Characteristics
  • Reduced Contamination of Water Based Process Lubricants
  • No Hazardous Ingredients, Zinc-Free


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68-HP Way SDS 68-HP Way SDS