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Towerpro 5212-B

TOWERPRO 5212-B is an emulsifiable, chlorine and sulfur-free lubricant designed for use on a wide range of metal forming operations. Under most conditions TOWERPRO 5212-B will not stain or generate white rust on aluminum or zinc coated metals. TOWERPRO 5212-B is recommended for stamping and drawing operations on copper alloys. TOWERPRO 5212-B offers excellent wetting, film strength, anti-wipe, flushing, cooling, and resistance to microbial attach.


TOWERPRO 5212-B can be used as a straight concentrate, or at dilutions up to 19:1 with water. To ensure a stable emulsion, always add the concentrate to water with agitation. TOWERPRO 5212-B can be applied in minimal amounts through JET-SET airless spray systems, drip, roller coater, recirculating systems, or similar methods.


  • Does not contain chlorine or sulfur
  • Provides excellent in-process rust protection
  • Cleans easily in low temperature water based solutions.
  • Reduces oxide generation on aluminum
  • Does not stain copper alloys
  • Forms a stable emulsion in variety of water qualities


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Towerpro 5212-B Towerpro 5212-B