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Saf-T-Cool 488

Saf-T-Cool 488 is a high performance synthetic vegetable based coolant. It is used in machining applications on ferrous metals, stainless steel, and aluminum where tool life and surface finish is of primary concern. Saf-T-Cool 488 forms a stable universal emulsion using a variety of seed oils and does not contain petroleum oil. It uses advanced generation chlorine and sulfur free additive technology for superior surface finishes plus increased tool life. Saf-T-Cool 488 only contains chemicals that are globally acceptable and are GADSL compliant. Its low foam and mist characteristics create a safe working environment and make it acceptable for high pressure coolant systems. This new Green Fluid Technology produces a coolant with outstanding lubricity. Saf-T-Cool 488 constantly rinses the machine as it runs eliminating any sticky residues and leaving a very light oily film on the machine surfaces. SF WAY LUBES are recommended as the machine lubricant to help maintain proper system health.
Machining & Grinding Renewable Resource Emulsion


Starting dilutions for machining operations should be between 5 10%. Make-up fluid is typically added at half the target concentration. For proper mixing it is recommended that Saf-T-Cool 488 concentrate be added to water with agitation. Parts made with Saf-T-Cool 488 can be easily cleaned in an aqueous wash using an alkaline cleaner such as TOWERKLENE 42-A.


  • "Green" product using renewable resource oils
  • Chlorine & Sulfur free non-hazardous formulaiton
  • Machines run clean without sticky deposits and residues
  • Excellent surface finishes improve part quality
  • High performance and increased tool life
  • Low misting and low foam charateristics


Product Technical Data Sheets

Saf-T-Cool 488 PDS Saf-T-Cool 488 PDS