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Do your current Products have these?



Protect your Workforce.  Eliminate Pictograms & Hazards.

Put the Power of Tower to work for you!

What do we mean by the "Power" of Tower...

Experience, Manufacturing Knowledge and Proven Formulas!

If the products in your manufacturing facility have these Pictograms, you need to ask yourself why?  

Improvements in additive and lubricant chemistry have made it possible to create safe, cost effective Metalworking Fluids. 

That is exactly what Tower Metalworking Fluids does.  We can help you in creating a safe workplace for all your employees.

Of these products to the left, which one would you like to use?

Every Tower Sales Engineer has previous industry and manufacturing experience. This manufacturing knowledge, along with Tower’s monthly training sessions, has helped customers to:

  • Select safe and proven lubricants for your process
  • Increase tool life for metal forming and metal removal operations
  • Eliminate washing of parts
  • Improve secondary welding quality
  • Weld through lubricants without smoke
  • Extend coolant sump life
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Establish Preventive Maintenance programs
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Improve corrosion protection
  • Increase alkaline cleaner tank life
  • Consolidate lubricants
  • Lower wash line temperatures (huge energy savings)
  • Set-up fluid monitoring programs
  • Improve application techniques
  • And, much, much, more…

Proven savings in every category that could offer your business a competitive advantage!

Do you want to see what the Power of Tower can do for you?

Put Tower Oil to the test – invite our experienced Engineers to perform a FREE plant evaluation. It will cost you nothing, and could save you thousands. Just call, fax or E-mail us.